zKnow Your Neighbour Day 2021

know your neighbour 2021

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Know Your Neighbour Day 2021 includes:

Free Show bag for all attendees

Get your DNH reusable shopping bag full of giveaways and local information.

Coffee Cart

Enjoy delicious coffees, drinks and snacks from Tee&Coffee


Yarning Place Van

Check out their stock before the day at www.yarningplace.com.au  

Let them know if there is something you’d like them to bring (No Obligation)


Make your own Bath Bomb demonstration

with Jade Apple and Rhubarb


Meditation Session

Take part in a Beginners Meditation session with our fantastic guide, Leticia from Meditare Centre.

Tickets for this Meditation session only are available here


Low Tox living Explained 

Tickets for just this session ONLY are available here


Composting Demonstration

with Liz from Switch on Sustainability


Sustainability Action Plan Workshop

Spend a well-earned 30 minutes of your time planning out your sustainable lifestyle. Planning will save you time, money & stress. This presentation is chock full of content – no hype, or fluff, just good solid information that will help you step out a healthy sustainable plan not only for today, but well into 2021. Take away the confusion and angst about where and how to green up your life.

Tickets for this workshop ONLY are available here


6pm ONLINE ZOOM “Darley Discusses:- Reducing Waste in your local Neighbourhood”.

This will be 45 mins full to the brink with insight, tips and how-tos with local experts in waste reduction, sustainability and low tox living. Attendees will come away with practical steps they can take to reduce their impact right here in their neighbourhood.

Please send your questions, comments and feedback to info@dnhlc.org.au

Tickets for this Online zoom session are available here

Can’t make it to Darley Neighbourhood House on the day but still keen to be involved?

Tickets for joining us online are available here

Thanks to our contributors for the day

tee and coffee

Tee & Coffee 0413 072 817

Meditare Centre (03) 5368 6879

know your neighbour day 2021

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