ZZCheese Making Workshop

The Cheese Making Workshop

Cheesemaking is a simple skill anyone can learn. Labneh, Ricotta, Feta and Halloumi are easy to make in your own home. It only takes a little knowledge to become a master and the superior handmade flavour will impress anyone.
Each participant will take three cheeses home as well as recipes and your own cheese mould so you can make many more in the future.
You will never waste yoghurt again once you know how to make Labneh.
Ricotta can be made in five minutes and is delicious drizzled with honey.
Age your Camembert in your own environment to create a cheese that is as unique as yourself.
Once you eat Halloumi crafted with your own hands you will never bother with the rubbery, inferior ones from the supermarket again.

** This class requires participants to bring along 3-4 containers to take their cheeses home in, an apron and a cooler bag if the weather is warm.

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